Chapter 7 is often an option for businesses who have or will cease operating and individuals who have insufficient income and assets to pay their outstanding debts, whether the debts arise from credit cards, medical expenses, or business debt. Through the years, Scott has represented many clients who have received discharges of multi-million dollar personal guaranties and other large business debts, in addition to individuals who have suffered through job losses or unforeseen medical expenses.
    Scott provides personal service to each and every client in order to determine whether Chapter 7 is appropriate, whether there are alternatives, and whether it is advantageous to file immediately or delay the filing. We know that the filing of a bankruptcy case is an important step and we make sure we spend the time necessary to fully review your case and advise you of the benefits and consequences of filing a Chapter 7.

    After meeting with you and reviewing your case, we may find that a Chapter 13 case or a Chapter 11 case is more appropriate and we are happy to discuss those alternatives. We have also had success with workouts of consumer and business debt, including home loans, that allow our clients to avoid bankruptcy. We offer initial consultations at no cost to you, and Scott is also available to discuss your situation by phone.  Please contact us to schedule a meeting or to discuss your situation.